The approach to consultancy
it is that of a consulting boutique.

It starts from the needs analysis
and is based on more than 15 years of experience
dedicated to consultancy, research and training
and sustainability and circularity dissemination on in the creative sectors.

3 modules
of the consultancy project

Brand identity
Study of the brand identity to customize the sustainability strategy

ESG strategy
Collection and analysis of the data necessary to propose the environmental, social and governance sustainability strategy for sustainability

Advisory for the implementation of the environmental, social sustainability strategy and governance for sustainability

For companies

Brand identity

Evaluation and development of branding strategies on product, communication and retail

Creation of focus groupssurveys and interviews for brand image analysis

Competitive intelligence and benchmarking analysis

Analysis of brand perception and development of brand identity

Analysis of positioning and development of growth strategies

Analysis and planning for line extensions and brand extensions

ESG strategy

Preparation of strategic plans for sustainability, circularity, responsible product innovation, transparency and traceability strategy

Preparation of communication plans for the sustainability and circularity strategy

Definitions of sustainability and circularity claims supported by data

Identification of key priority eco-design principles and organizational support for the implementation of eco-design principles

Support for the definition of sustainability governance

Definition of the guidelines for drafting the sustainability report

Reading of LCA data

Preparation of the business plan for born circular and born sustainable start-ups

Advisory for conference organization

Development and support of co-branding projects for sustainability and circularity among companies in the fashion sector or in other sectors


Advisory for the implementation of the environmental, social and governance sustainability strategy

R.idea's approach is boutique consulting: the initial study of the needs is fundamental for the success of the project. In addition to the services indicated, the R.idea makes use of collaborations with the best external bodies for additional services such as legal services for sustainability and circularity regulations, LCA, sustainability reporting.

For institutions

In 2022 Francesca Romana Rinaldi has been involved as a consultant by the European Commission DG GROW for the co-creation process of the Textiles Transition Pathway announced in the EU strategy on 30 March 2022

More information:

In 2017 Francesca Romana Rinaldi has been involved by the Municipality of Milan for a city branding project.

For more information:

Organization and management of a conference in Bergamo in 2017 for PER AMO IL LINO - MASTERS OF LINEN

Organization of a startup competition "WSM Smart Contest" in 2020 in Milan for White


Francesca Romana Rinaldi

Francesca Boni

Junior Sustainable Communication Specialist

Elena Scoccianti

Junior Circularity Specialist

Nicola Ruggiu

Junior Sustainability Specialist

We worked for

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